about artist

Amy L N Tapley  a/k/a   Nuovo

From the time Amy was in middle school she had an attraction to all things morbid, which un-nerved her teachers a bit.  However at the same time she is an eternal optimist.  Years of being run through the ringer that we call life has given her a unique pespective and after all this time she has come back to her morbid artistic roots.  But this time the morbidity is tempered with a sense of humor and that damnable optimism.

Amy is a wife, a mother of 1+2, and host to a menagerie of critters (cats, mice, pigeons and a lizard named Clarice).

She is still employed full time as a Financial Aid Specialist, is a part time student(sometimes) and hopes to someday put herself out of work doing what she really loves.  (You are looking at it!)